Stair Rods on Winders

Universal Bracket used to fit stair rods on winding staircases.

Winder solutions with Stair Rods

Fitting stair rods onto turning stairs (winders) is very easy to do. We can supply our Universal Bracket for most of our ranges - this is an extremely simple bracket that is fitted with only one screw.

This bracket can also be used to fit stair rods on Fully Fitted (full width) carpets.

Fitting the carpet with Easybind means the fitter can measure, cut and fit winders on site, without having to take the carpet away to be bound.

Another elegant solution to fitting stair rods on winder carpets - notch the carpet to provide space for fixing bracket. Image courtesy of Borderline Carpet Planning Services, London


Another way of fitting winders is simply move the bracket further along the riser till the base can fit without needing to alter the carpet. Please note you must make this rod slightly longer this side to keep the uniformed overhang on every step. Carpet featured is Masai Emerald by Roger Oates.

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