Easy bind in a mini

 We recently had a peculiar request to supply our Easy Bind for the restoration of an old Mini. The gentleman's wife fitted out all the upholstery and fittings within the Mini and choose a purple carpet for the cars interior. They thought our easy bind in the colour Pheasant Tail was a perfect match to bind their car mats.

The Easy Bind finished the mats off beautifully giving the carpet a more elaborate and colourful effect. They where really happy with the results and were surprised at how simple the Easy Bind was to fit, all you need is a hot glue gun and scissors. No need for any whipping or binding. This was especially useful for more intricate work, like cutting a whole for the gear stick.

Our Easy bind is available in twenty five different colours all named after fishing flies, it is a great alternative to carpet whipping and can be applied quickly and easily on site. This means a complete installation can be made on the fitters first visit, eliminating time and travel costs. It can also be done easily in your own home to update the look of a rug or carpet mat.