Grand Hotel Ukraine

We recently received a brass stair rod order from the Grand Hotel in Depepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The specification they requested was way beyond "standard" and required a great deal of thought. Also, transport to the Ukraine was a good test for our packaging and logistics departments! We really enjoyed the process of devising a custom solution for the client's stair rods.

The Grand Hotel is a 5 star, luxurious centrally located hotel. It featured traditional Ukrainian architecture and is very much a landmark within Depepropetrovsk, one of the Ukraine’s largest cities. They wanted to install stair rods on their beautiful central staircase. The stairs greet every visitor to the hotel and are a centrepiece to the lobby. They chose the Sherwood design from our Country range, with a Reeded rod style, in the larger 5/8" (16mm) diameter. The bigger diameter stair rods suit larger staircases, the proportions work better. The main issue was that the stairs were almost 3 metres wide. It is not possible to supply a rod in one piece at that length (and would be very difficult to transport also) and so we had to engineer a system whereby the rods could be supplied in 3 lengths, then assembled and fixed together on-site. We supplied the stair rods with our Front Fix bracket this covered the joins and also added strength to the stair rods.

So remember, even if you think your request is crazy ask us, we might be able to do it! Working out solutions to please our customers is one of our greatest strengths as a company, and something we are very proud of.