Iolani Palace, Hawaii

 We were excited when we received a call from our agent in America with an order from Iolani Palace in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Iolani Palace was the royal palace of the Hawaiian monarchy and was built in 1982. The monarchy was overthrown in 1983 and it is now a museum rich in history and political intrigue.

Our Stairrods were installed on a three flight grand staircase located in the main hall of the palace. Once again we had a request for longer rods that required curving, which was not problematic to us! The lower flight of stairs required all four rods to be curved as per the template they sent in to ourselves.

The engineers within the factory achieve curved rods by feeding the rods slowly through our pipe bending machine to create a gradual curve. As shown in the pictures below. 

They chose our Premier solid brass range of Stairrods with the Lancaster finial. Due to the size of the staircase they went for our larger 5/8” diameter rod in lacquered brass, as the larger diameter rod suits grander staircases.